April, 2012 Algiz XRW in true test at the North Pole

| International News| 10 Aug, 2014

The acclaimed French adventurers and scientists Alan Le Tressoler and Julien Cabon reached the North Pole on 4 April, 2012. The scientific program and the expedition included data collection and measurements of weather data, ice-sea drift, and plankton. The expedition started off in the Norwegian town of Spitsbergen, where the crew was transferred to the North Pole.

Connected to a satellite phone, the team was using the Algiz XRW to transmit scientific data and Alan and Julien reported:

“When we arrived at the North Pole on April 4, the head of the Russian base took us to do a reconnaissance tour in a MI-8 helicopter to check the condition of the ice. The weather is very changeable and the temperature ranges between -200C and -400C.

The scenery around us changes at high speed and there is plenty of fresh water. A lake was formed two days ago and Saturday night we were awakened by the opening of a river a few dozen meters from the tent. The scientific experiments started successfully.

Despite the very difficult conditions of the ice this year, the beginning of the expendition is going very well and the team morale is excellent.”


Photo Credit: Pole Nord 2012

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