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Bobcat Xplore Rugged Tablet

The Xplore Bobcat tablet is the latest in Xplore's family of fully rugged computer offerings. Featuring an array of

iX104C6 DM Xplore Ultra Rugged Tablet - Industrial

The iX104C6 DM is the Most Rugged Tablet PC in the World for Industrial Applications

iX104C6 DML Lite Xplore Ultra Rugged Tablet PC - Industrial

The iX104C6 DML is the Most Rugged Tablet PC in the World for Industrial Applications

iX104C6 M2 Xplore Ultra Rugged Military Tablet

The iX104C6 M2 is the Most Rugged Tablet Computer for Military Use in the World

XSLATE B10 Rugged Tablet PC by Xplore

Xplore Award Winning XSLATE B10 Xplore Technologies newest member of its rugged tablet range, the Xplore